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    faccessat, etc.: support AT_FDCWD-only use · 290d23ac
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lib/at-func.c: If GNULIB_SUPPORT_ONLY_AT_FDCWD, then support
    this function only if its first argument is AT_FDCWD.
    Emacs wants faccessat for AT_EACCESS but not for any first-arg
    values other than AT_FDCWD, so it doesn't want all the openat
    machinery with fchdir etc.
    * modules/faccessat, modules/fchmodat, modules/fchownat (Files):
    * modules/fstatat, modules/mkdirat, modules/openat (Files):
    * modules/unlinkat (Files):
    Remove lib/openat-priv.h, as at-internal supplies this file.
    Removing this file here allows us to support programs like Emacs
    that avoid at-internal.