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Document some more things the gnulib user must be aware of.

parent 05acb837
2007-10-27 Bruno Haible <>
* doc/gnulib.texi: Invoke @firstparagraphindent.
* doc/gnulib-tool.texi (Simple update): Mention possible incompatible
changes in gnulib.
(Source changes): New section.
2007-10-26 Bruno Haible <>
* m4/gnulib-common.m4 (AC_C_RESTRICT): New overriding definition,
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ a real run without changing anything.
* Initial import:: First import of Gnulib modules.
* Modified imports:: Changing the import specification.
* Simple update:: Tracking Gnulib development.
* Source changes:: Impact of Gnulib on your source files.
* VCS Issues:: Integration with Version Control Systems.
@end menu
......@@ -322,6 +323,7 @@ The argument is the prefix to use for macros in the @file{gnulib-comp.m4}
file. Corresponds to the @samp{--macro-prefix} command line argument.
@end table
@node Simple update
@section Simple update
......@@ -333,8 +335,39 @@ does it:
$ gnulib-tool --import
@end smallexample
This will create, update or remove files, as needed.
Note: From time to time, changes are made in Gnulib that are not backward
compatible. When updating to a more recent Gnulib, you should consult
Gnulib's @file{NEWS} file to check whether the incompatible changes affect
your project.
@node Source changes
@section Changing your sources for use with Gnulib
Gnulib contains some header file overrides. This means that when building
on systems with deficient header files in @file{/usr/include/}, it may create
files named @file{string.h}, @file{stdlib.h}, @file{stdint.h} or similar in
the build directory. In the other source directories of your package you
will usually pass @samp{-I} options to the compiler, so that these Gnulib
substitutes are visible and take precedence over the files in
These Gnulib substitute header files rely on @file{<config.h>} being
already included. Furthermore @file{<config.h>} must be the first include
in every compilation unit. This means that to @emph{all your source files}
and likely also to @emph{all your tests source files} you need to add an
@samp{#include <config.h>} at the top. Which source files are affected?
Exactly those whose compilation includes a @samp{-I} option that refers to
the Gnulib library directory.
This is annoying, but inevitable: On many systems, @file{<config.h>} is
used to set system dependent flags (such as @code{_GNU_SOURCE} on GNU systems),
and these flags have no effect after any system header file has been included.
@node VCS Issues
@section Issues with Version Control Systems
......@@ -5,6 +5,9 @@
@settitle GNU Gnulib
@syncodeindex fn cp
@syncodeindex pg cp
@ifclear texi2html
@firstparagraphindent insert
@end ifclear
@comment %**end of header
@set UPDATED $Date: 2007-09-09 13:20:45 $
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