Commit 3fc0d6e8 authored by Bruno Haible's avatar Bruno Haible

Emphasize the drawbacks of the --symlink option.

parent 55e4f9a3
2006-10-08 Bruno Haible <>
* gnulib-tool.texi: Emphasize the drawbacks of the --symlink option.
2006-09-19 Karl Berry <>
* gnulib.texi: note about the license texinfo files.
......@@ -90,8 +90,14 @@ are copied into the directory specified by @samp{AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR} in
neither is specified, the current directory is assumed.
@code{gnulib-tool} can make symbolic links instead of copying the
source files. Use the @samp{--symbolic} (or @samp{-s} for short) option
to do this.
source files. The option to specify for this is @samp{--symlink}, or
@samp{-s} for short. This can be useful to save a few kilobytes of disk
space. But it is likely to introduce bugs when @code{gnulib} is updated;
it is more reliable to use @samp{gnulib-tool --update} (see below)
to update to newer versions of @code{gnulib}. Furthermore it requires
extra effort to create self-contained tarballs, and it may disturb some
mechanism the maintainer applies to the sources. For these reasons,
this option is generally discouraged.
@code{gnulib-tool} will overwrite any pre-existing files, in
particular @file{}. Unfortunately, separating the
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