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Checking initial copies various licenses, README, and general COPYING document.

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The files in here are all Copyright (C) Free Software Foundation, and
are under three different licenses:
* GPL - (text in doc/COPYING)
* LGPL - (text in doc/COPYING.LIB)
* FDL - (text in doc/COPYING.DOC and doc/fdl.texi)
The source files are grouped by license into their respective
directories. All documents in doc/ contain the relevant licensing
2001-10-22 Jeff Bailey <>
* README: New file
* doc/*: Add COPYING, COPYING.LIB, COPYING.DOC, fdl.texi
(per RMS's instructions, this is now the canonical source)
* lgpl/, gpl/: New directories.
2001-01-24 Stefan Monnier <>
* regex.c (mutually_exclusive_p): Don't blindly handle `charset_not'
GNULib is inteded to be the canonical source for most of the important
"Portability" files for GNU projects.
While portability is not one of our primary goals, it has helped
introduce many people to the GNU system, and is worthwhile when it can
be acheived at a low cost. This collection helps lower that cost.
There are three directories that contain all of the files:
gpl/ - Any source files licensed under the GNU General Public License
lgpl/ - Any source files licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL
doc/ - Any documents that may be nice to have in applications. This
includes such files as 'COPYING, COPYING.LIB, etc.'
Contributing to GNULib
All software here is Copyright (c) Free Software Foundation - you need
to have filled out an assignment form for a project that uses the
module for that contribution to be accepted here.
If you have a piece of code that you would like to contribute, please
email We will add you to the maintainers list.
Generally we are looking for files that fulfill at least one of the
following requirements:
* If your .c and .h files define functions that are broken or
missing on some other system, we should be able to include it.
* If your functions remove arbitrary limits from existing
functions (either under the same name, or as a slightly different
name), we should be able to include it.
If your functions define completely new but rarely used functionality,
you should probably consider packaging it as a seperate library
High Quality
We will be developing a testsuite for these applications. The goal is
to have a 100% firm interface so that maintainers can feel free to
update to the code in CVS at *any* time and know that their
application will not break. This means that before any change can be
committed to the repository, a test suite program must be produced
that exposes the bug for regression testing. All experimental work
should be done on branches to help promote this.
GNULib is available for anonymous checkout. In any Bourne-shell the
following should work:
$ cvs -d login
(Just hit Enter or Return when prompt for a password)
$ cvs -d checkout gnulib
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