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maint: add missing ChangeLog entries for Modra's obstack changes

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......@@ -27,6 +27,116 @@
* lib/obstack.c (_obstack_newchunk): Fail if the size calculation
overflows, e.g., when adding the alignment.
2014-10-29 Alan Modra <>
obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 3
This finally enables full 64-bit obstack support. The glibc
shared library specific code is removed from obstack.c too, and
the error handling code conditionally compiled under control of
* lib/obstack.h: Include string.h earlier.
(_OBSTACK_SIZE_T, _CHUNK_SIZE_T): Define as size_t for version 2.
* lib/obstack.c: Don't include shlib-compat.h.
(_OBSTACK_ELIDE_CODE): Rename from ELIDE_CODE. Define when version 1
glibc code is compatible with version 2. Don't include stdio.h for
(obstack_exit_failure, print_and_abort, obstack_alloc_failed_handler):
Omit when _OBSTACK_NO_ERROR_HANDLER defined. Include stdio.h here.
(_obstack_compat, _obstack, _obstack_newchunk, obstack_free): Delete
glibc shared library specific source.
obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 2
This gets us 4G obstack support, without changing ABI
compatibility, apart from possibly introducing some
signed/unsigned comparison warnings in code that uses obstack.h.
a) Replace "int" size parameters, return values, and macro local vars
with _OBSTACK_SIZE_T, an "unsigned int" for now.
b) Make obstack.chunk_size a _CHUNK_SIZE_T, an "unsigned long" for now.
c) Make all obstack macros checking available room use obstack_room.
"next_free + desired > chunk_limit" may wrap the lhs for chunks
allocated near the top of memory.
d) Use unsigned comparisons, and macro locals to support >2G on 32-bit.
* lib/obstack.h (_OBSTACK_SIZE_T): Define. Use throughout
in place of "int" size parameters, return values and local vars.
(_CHUNK_SIZE_T): Define.
(struct obstack): Make chunk_size a _CHUNK_SIZE_T. Make temp
union use an _OBSTACK_SIZE_T integer type.
For __GNUC__ versions of the following macros...
(obstack_room): Rename local var.
(obstack_make_room): Use obstack_room.
(obstack_grow, obstack_grow0, obstack_1grow, obstack_ptr_grow,
obstack_int_grow, obstack_blank): Likewise.
(obstack_finish): Use unsigned comparison when comparing aligned
next_free against chunk_limit.
(obstack_free): Cast OBJ to remove possible const qualifier.
For !__GNUC__ versions of the following macros...
(obstack_make_room): Use obstack_room.
(obstack_grow, obstack_grow0, obstack_1grow, obstack_ptr_grow,
obstack_int_grow, obstack_blank): Likewise.
(obstack_finish): Use unsigned comparision when comparing aligned
next_free against chunk_limit.
(obstack_free): Use temp.p and same comparisons as __GNUC__ version.
* lib/obstack.c (_obstack_begin_worker): Make "size" parameter
(_obstack_begin, _obstack_begin_1): Likewise.
(_obstack_newchunk): Likewise for length parameter. Use size_t locals.
(_obstack_memory_used): Return and use _OBSTACK_SIZE_T local.
obstack: 64-bit obstack support, part 1
a) Correct calls to alloc function, to use a size_t arg. "long" is
just wrong on targets like x86_64-mingw64 where "long" is 32 bits
and "size_t" 64 bits.
b) Consolidate _obstack_begin and _obstack_begin1 code.
* lib/obstack.h (struct obstack <chunkfun>): Correct prototype to
use "size_t" rather than "long".
(_obstack_begin, _obstack_begin1): Likewise.
(obstack_init, obstack_begin, obstack_specify_allocation_with_arg,
obstack_chunkfun): Update alloc function casts.
* lib/obstack.c (CALL_CHUNKFUN): Update chunkfun cast.
(chunkfun_type, freefun_type): New typdefs.
(_obstack_begin_worker): Split out from ..
(_obstack_begin, _obstack_begin_1):
obstack: tidy part 2
a) Don't be concerned about "not polluting the namespace with stddef.h
symbols" in obstack.h, since gnulib string.h includes stddef.h
anyway, and it seems unlikely that anyone would care.
b) Don't roll our own slow memcpy in _obstack_newchunk.
c) Rename obstack_free to _obstack_free. This makes the naming
consistent with other obstack functions and obviates the need for
__obstack_free. Ancient obstack.c defined both obstack_free and
_obstack_free. We continue to do that for _LIBC via an alias.
d) Miscellaneous macro fixes. The expression used to test for gcc-2.8
is clever, but nowadays gcc warns on undefined macros. You'll get
an undefined macro warning if simulating an old gcc with -U__GNUC__
-U__GNUC_MINOR__ -D__GNUC__=1.
* lib/obstack.h: Include stddef.h unconditionally. Formatting fixes.
(PTR_INT_TYPE): Delete, replace with ptrdiff_t.
(__obstack_free): Delete, update refs.
(_obstack_free): Rename from obstack_free.
(__extension__): Avoid undefined macro warning for __GNUC_MINOR__.
(obstack_object_size, obstack_room): Parenthesise !__GNUC__ versions.
* lib/obstack.c: Don't include stddef.h.
(_obstack_begin): Formatting fix.
(_obstack_newchunk): Use memcpy to move existing object to new chunk.
(_obstack_free): Rename from __obstack_free, update alias. Move
undef of obstack_free to where it is needed.
obstack: tidy part 1
a) Rename temp fields. temp.tempint and temp.tempptr just looks ugly
to me, and result in overlong lines after later patches.
b) Move error handling code, to avoid a forward declaration and to
simplify later patches in this series.
* lib/obstack.h (struct obstack <temp>): Rename fields of union
and update all uses.
* lib/obstack.c: Include stdlib.h earlier.
(obstack_exit_failure, obstack_alloc_failed_handler): Move later
in file.
(print_and_abort): Remove now redundant forward declaration.
2014-10-24 Paul Eggert <>
socketlib, sockets, sys_socket: Use AC_REQUIRE to pacify autoconf.
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