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    dirmngr,build: Remove support for ADNS. · 2e734a3c
    Justus Winter authored
    * autogen.rc: Remove '--with-adns' argument.
    * configure.ac: Remove check for ADNS.
    * dirmngr/dns-stuff.c: Remove all code that uses ADNS.
    * dirmngr/server.c (cmd_getinfo): Update status line.
    * doc/dirmngr.texi: Do not mention ADNS.
    We used ADNS to support queries over Tor.  However, our patch to ADNS
    that adds Tor support was never accepted upstream.  Furthermore, there
    are other shortcomings that let us to consider alternatives.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarJustus Winter <justus@g10code.com>
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