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    Clean up build process to be closer to gnuplot source tree. · 630c9452
    joddie authored
    The Gnuplot CVS repository recently removed the various info-look
    files from the lisp/ subdirectory, which seems pretty safe -- they
    haven't been needed by any new version of Emacs in ten years or so.
    They also got rid of the separate lisp/configure, so that the (old)
    gnuplot-mode in that repository now uses the same
    autoconf/automake/configure process as the main Gnuplot tree.
    This seemed like a good opportunity to clean up the github
    gnuplot-mode tree, since it would be nice to eventually merge a stable
    version back into Gnuplot's repository.  Automake knows how to compile
    and install Emacs Lisp, so we can replace Makefile.in with a
    short Makefile.am and configure.ac.  It also seems logical to remove
    all the generated files (mkinstalldirs, etc.) from the git repository,
    since the autotools will install them automatically.  Building from
    the git checkout now looks like:
        automake --add-missing
        make install
    "Configure" knows about the environment variable EMACS and the
    --with-lispdir switch too.
    Makefile.dst is still there and mostly unchanged, for people who lack
    autotools. But they should probably install from a release tarball
    anyway, which will include the generated "configure" and "Makefile.in"
    files.  Automake makes it easy to produce these via "make dist".
    Yes, it is a little silly to do the whole Automake dance just for
    three Emacs Lisp files, but we might as well be consistent.