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    Improved syntax parsing and highlighting · 72ccda3d
    Jonathan Oddie authored
    - Scan for multiline strings and comments with `gnuplot-multiline-scan'
    - Store lists of keywords for highlighting and negating in
      gnuplot-keywords-*, and generate regexps on the fly with new macro
      `gnuplot-make-regexp'. Should be slightly easier to
      maintain. `gnuplot-make-regexp' does its work at compile time if you
      byte-compile the file.
    - Renamed functions to do with continuation lines to be more
     consistent: `gnuplot-beginning-of-continuation',
     `gnuplot-end-of-continuation' `gnuplot-point-at-end-of-continuation'
    - Added functions for finding beginning and end of command containing
      point: `gnuplot-beginning-of-command', `gnuplot-end-of-command' and
      their -point-at- variants. These should simplify parsing things for
      the GUI eventually. Changed `gnuplot-gui-set-options-and-insert' to
      use `gnuplot-beginning-of-command' as a first step.