1. 02 Feb, 2019 12 commits
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      Add option to send plot output to a dedicated buffer · 156d6a96
      joddie authored
      The new option is provided by the `gnuplot-inline-image-mode` variable,
      which can now be `nil`, `inline`, or `dedicated`.  There are also
      corresponding menu options and commands
      This variable should probably be renamed using `make-obsolete-variable`,
      since it no longer pertains only to images shown inline in the process
      Also clean up handling of buffers and processes, particularly in
      - Use `unless` instead of `or`
      - Check for process status of `gnuplot-process` being `run` instead of
        `(get-process gnuplot-process)`, which is a no-op AFAICT
      - Use `buffer-live-p` instead of `buffer-name`
      - Workaround `set-process-query-on-exit-flag` vs. obsolete
        `process-kill-without-query` functions
      - Look up the running process by its buffer, not by name
      Getting the process by name when setting up a new comint buffer is
      unreliable when the old process has not yet been deleted, because Emacs
      will append `<n>` to the name of the new process to make it unique.
      Getting the process from its associated buffer does not have this
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      Add autoloaded `run-gnuplot` command · a50ac2bd
      joddie authored
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      Update Makefile.in · 2f36b360
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