1. 29 May, 2018 1 commit
  2. 08 May, 2018 1 commit
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      Samples bugfixes and features - 2 (#191) · 5a3a672e
      Fedor authored
      * [samples] New features and bugfixes:
      [samples][smt] fix dumper option
      [samples] OpenCV headers are changed for Linux (40533)
      [samples] insert IDR after gpu hang
      [samples] Correct gpu hang handling in smt
      [samples] -robust:soft was removed. Soft robustness is default.
      [samples] soft robust for sample_encode
      [samples] set timestamps for input (40798)
      [samples] 16-bit formats support in sample_vpp
      [samples] Correct Interlaced HEVC processing for sample_encode (40580)
      [samples] cbr option for sample_encode (40615)
      [samples] soft recovery sample_decode (40592)
      [samples] 1:n case fix for rotate plugin (40493)
      [samples] choose vpp output destination
      [samples] new option -vpp::sys|vid (39681)
      [samples] Add missing parts for Open Source build (39910)
      [samples] soft recovery from GPU hang (39892)
      [samples] ExtBrcAdaptiveLTR option added (39727)
      [samples] single letter param cmd line fix (38902)
      [SMT] To support runtime update of FS in MCTF
      [samples] warning fix for 2010
      [samples, Android] disable default decode plugins on Android
      [sample_encode] Added frameOrder
      [beh][HEVCe FEI] Added force flags test (39599)
      [sample_hevc_fei] Fix in sort candidates for RPL[0]
      [sample_hevc_fei] Specify default framerate after Decoder
      [samples] GPU hang recovery fix (39891)
      [samples] To update SVPP & SMT to work with MCTF
      [sample_hevc_fei] Fix runtime align() error condition
      [sample_hevc_fei] Added align() version for runtime alignment
      [samples] Surface2BS zero surf fix
      [JPEGd] Set flag MFX_MEMTYPE_FROM_VPPOUT in QueryIOSurf() (34792)
      [HEVC FEI][SAMPLE] fix align() and compile issues
      [samples] [sample_decode] FrameGap & SliceHeader Error Reporting
      [sample][sample_encode] added QVBRQuality option
      [samples] -n option fix (38234)
      [samples] Copyright date change
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