Commit 20263994 authored by Russ Allbery's avatar Russ Allbery

Update MAINTAINERCLEANFILES to be more comprehensive

parent 2ffb8492
......@@ -43,8 +43,12 @@ dist_man_MANS = tools/krb5-sync.8 tools/krb5-sync-backend.8
# Handle the standard stuff that make maintainer-clean should probably remove
# but doesn't.
configure tools/krb5-sync.8
MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = aclocal.m4 build-aux/compile \
build-aux/config.guess build-aux/config.sub build-aux/depcomp \
build-aux/install-sh build-aux/ build-aux/missing \ configure m4/libtool.m4 m4/ltoptions.m4 \
m4/ltsugar.m4 m4/ltversion.m4 m4/lt~obsolete.m4 \
tools/krb5-sync-backend.8 tools/krb5-sync.8
# A set of flags for warnings. Add -O because gcc won't find some warnings
# without optimization turned on, and add -DDEBUG=1 so we'll also compile all
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