Commit a6b36b52 authored by Russ Allbery's avatar Russ Allbery

Fix the contents of the distribution

parent 32c2f998
......@@ -14,7 +14,9 @@ EXTRA_DIST = .gitignore LICENSE autogen patches/README \
tests/data/perlcriticrc tests/data/perltidyrc \
tests/data/valgrind.supp tests/docs/pod-spelling-t tests/docs/pod-t \
tests/perl/critic-t tests/perl/minimum-version-t \
tests/perl/strict-t tests/tap/ tests/tools/backend \
tests/perl/strict-t tests/tap/ tests/tap/perl/Test/ \
tests/tap/perl/Test/RRA/ \
tests/tap/perl/Test/RRA/ tests/tools/backend-t \
tests/util/xmalloc-t tools/krb5-sync.pod
# Everything in the package needs to be able to find the Kerberos headers
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