Commit 5f25316a authored by Tim Kientzle's avatar Tim Kientzle

Skip gzip format check when both zlib and gzip are missing

parent d81d36be
......@@ -133,11 +133,12 @@ DEFINE_TEST(test_read_append_filter)
assert((a = archive_read_new()) != NULL);
assertA(0 == archive_read_set_format(a, ARCHIVE_FORMAT_TAR));
r = archive_read_append_filter(a, ARCHIVE_FILTER_GZIP);
if (r == ARCHIVE_WARN && !canGzip()) {
skipping("gzip reading not fully supported on this platform");
if (r != ARCHIVE_OK && archive_zlib_version() == NULL && !canGzip()) {
skipping("gzip tests require zlib or working gzip command");
assertEqualInt(ARCHIVE_OK, archive_read_free(a));
assertEqualIntA(a, ARCHIVE_OK, r);
archive_read_open_memory(a, archive, sizeof(archive)));
assertEqualInt(ARCHIVE_OK, archive_read_next_header(a, &ae));
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