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New upstream version 1.0.13

parent 62cdd3a1
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# Generate markdown ChangeLog files based on git history.
touch ${tmp}
# Commits prior to this one contain mangled commit history.
# Reformatting these requires some extra handholding
echo "# ChangeLog"
for tag in $(git tag -l [0-9]*.*[0-9] | sort -V); do
# Prepend tags to the output because we want the ChangeLog in the
# reverse order, e.g. 2.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.0.
date=$(git show --date=short --format='tformat:%cd' -s ${tag} | tail -n 1)
echo -e "\n## ${tag} - ${date}\n"
git --no-pager log --no-merges --format='format: - %s%n' \
${prev_tag:+${prev_tag}..}${tag} | cat - ${tmp}
} > ${tmp}.1
mv ${tmp}.1 ${tmp}
# Send the output to stdout.
cat ${tmp}
# Append a revised changelog for stuff prior to LASTCOMMIT in
# consistent style with the generated comments
rm ${tmp}
logfile=${PWD}/release.$(date +%y-%m-%d-%T).log
# This script attempts to generate a release like tarball
# of the project in the absense of full autotooling support
# Since the autotooling support is missing for now
# we'll create an archive with git-archive.
if [ ! -d .git ]; then
echo "Fatal: Not a git project. Bailing"
exit 1
# Determine the library name and version.
PROJVER=libdfp-$(git describe --tags)
# Generate the archive.
if ! git archive --format=tar --prefix=${PROJVER}/ HEAD > ${PROJVER}.tar ; then
echo "Failed to archive"
exit 1
# Generate a changelog and append it.
mkdir ${PROJVER}
./ > ${PROJVER}/
tar rf ${PROJVER}.tar ${PROJVER}/
# Remove any files which needn't exist.
tar f ${PROJVER}.tar \
--delete ${PROJVER}/{,,}
rm -rf ${PROJVER}
gzip -f ${PROJVER}.tar
tar xf ${PROJVER}.tar.gz --warning=no-timestamp
# Attempt a VPATH build.
# Update timestamps to prevent odd issues.
touch aclocal.m4 configure
mkdir _build
cd _build
echo "Running configure"
if ! ../configure >> ${logfile} 2>&1 ; then
echo "Failed to configure"
exit 1
echo "Running make"
if ! make -j8 >> ${logfile} 2>&1 ; then
echo "Failed to make"
exit 1
echo "Running make check"
if ! make check >> ${logfile} 2>&1 ; then
echo "Failed to check"
cd ../..
rm -rf libdfp
echo "Found tarballs: $tarballs"
# Generate some popular checksums for the tarball.
for tarball in ${tarballs}; do
for sum in sha256 md5; do
echo "Generating ${tarball}.${sum}"
${sum}sum ${tarball} > ${tarball}.${sum}
# TODO: Support signing these releases
exit 0
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