Commit 613b7ac0 authored by Jeremy Bicha's avatar Jeremy Bicha

Drop obsolete shlib-calls-exit lintian override

parent aab25a13
# The library calls exit() or abort() when a GL call is attempted that
# it can't find a resolution for, which should only be in the case of
# the caller not having the correct GL library dependencies present on
# the system. At that point in execution, the only thing libepoxy
# could do is return without calling down, but this means that the GL
# operation wasn't executed, and you'll probably just get a segfault
# later. For example, if we fail to resolve glGetString(), a common
# early initialization command used by applications, they would need
# an actual string. While you can imagine building code to support
# failure from glGetString() resolution by returning a dummy string,
# in the limit you'd end up building a GL implementation in the
# process of trying to provide not-segfaulting-the-app fallback
# behavior, and you'd never succeed anyway because no application
# expects GL calls to error out, even with GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY.
libepoxy0 binary: shlib-calls-exit
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