Commit 34bf7b30 authored by Peter Meerwald's avatar Peter Meerwald Committed by Romuald Conty

nfs-list: drop outdated examples superseeded by connection string

Signed-off-by: 's avatarPeter Meerwald <>
parent 0b9fe52b
......@@ -98,22 +98,12 @@ main(int argc, const char *argv[])
pnd = nfc_open(context, NULL);
/* If specific device is wanted, i.e. an ARYGON device on /dev/ttyUSB0 */
/* Use connection string if specific device is wanted,
* i.e. PN532 UART device on /dev/ttyUSB1 */
#if 0
nfc_device_desc_t ndd;
ndd.pcDriver = "ARYGON";
ndd.pcPort = "/dev/ttyUSB0";
ndd.uiSpeed = 115200;
pnd = nfc_open(context, &ndd);
pnd = nfc_open(context, "pn532_uart:/dev/ttyUSB1");
/* If specific device is wanted, i.e. a SCL3711 on USB */
#if 0
nfc_device_desc_t ndd;
ndd.pcDriver = "PN533_USB";
strcpy(ndd.acDevice, "SCM Micro / SCL3711-NFC&RW");
pnd = nfc_open(context, &ndd);
nfc_connstring connstrings[MAX_DEVICE_COUNT];
size_t szDeviceFound = nfc_list_devices(context, connstrings, MAX_DEVICE_COUNT);
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