Commit d143eba7 authored by Philippe Teuwen's avatar Philippe Teuwen

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parent b68a37b8
......@@ -2,10 +2,21 @@ TBD dd, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc6 (release candidate)
- Fix minor memory leak with nfc_drivers
- Fix several memory leaks (nfc_drivers, libusb, config parser)
- Fix stack smash while displaying long data transmission (LOG_HEX)
- pn53x-tamashell: allow larger commands up to full extended frame
- Add missing windows file in archive (
- Fix compilation warnings & potential bugs
- Fix documentation
- Fix missing malloc() calls checks
- Fix missing free() calls in some error handlers
- Allow to disable conffils & envvar supports on embedded platforms
- Add option to nfc-mfclassic to tolerate RW errors
- Replace usb_set_debug() in applications by LIBNFC_LOG_LEVEL libusb group
Feb 16, 2013 - 1.7.0-rc5 (release candidate)
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