Commit 3fff5906 authored by Agustin Henze's avatar Agustin Henze

Remove dependency on gcc-4.9-source and add dependency on

parent 24fd1335
...@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ Build-Depends: ...@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ Build-Depends:
autotools-dev, autotools-dev,
binutils-arm-none-eabi, binutils-arm-none-eabi,
gcc-arm-none-eabi, gcc-arm-none-eabi,
libnewlib-arm-none-eabi, libnewlib-arm-none-eabi,
bison, bison,
debhelper (>= 9), debhelper (>= 9),
dejagnu, dejagnu,
flex, flex,
gawk, gawk,
gettext, gettext,
libgmp-dev, libgmp-dev,
libmpc-dev, libmpc-dev,
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