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readme: elaborate on mid-air collisions

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......@@ -98,6 +98,10 @@ run the conflicts should be resolved, overwriting the local changes with the
remote changes. You can force the local changes to overwrite the remote changes
by using `push -f`.
> Note: If changes are being made on the remote, while `gmaileer` is running, on a message that is currentely being synced. These changes may be overwritten or merged in weird ways on the remote.
See below for more [caveats](#caveats).
## using your own API key
gmailieer ships with an API key that is shared openly, this key shares API quota, but [cannot be used to access data]( unless access is gained to your private `access_token` or `refresh_token`.
......@@ -123,5 +127,3 @@ the time being, `trash` will be prefered over `spam`, and `spam` over inbox.
* You [cannot add any new files]( (files starting with `.` will be ignored) to the gmailieer repository. Gmailieer uses the directory content an index of local files. Gmailieer does not push new messages to your account (note that if you send messages with GMail, GMail automatically adds the message to your mailbox).
* If you make changes to the local repository (tags) while syncing you might loose changes.
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