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readme: shorten warranty note

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......@@ -11,13 +11,10 @@ notmuch database may be pushed back remotely to your GMail account.
Gmailieer will not and can not:
* Add or delete messages on your remote account, except `trash` or `spam` messages (and those will eventually be [deleted](
* Add or delete messages on your remote account (except syncing the `trash` or `spam` label to messages, and those messages will eventually be [deleted](
* Modify messages other than their labels
So `trash`'ed or `spam`'ed messages (or if somehow these tags get added to all
your messages) may be lost, as well as messages labels may be lost if all goes
wrong. Also, whether you will actually get all your email is not proven. **In
short: No warranties.**
While Gmailieer has been used to successfully synchronize millions of messages and tags by now, it comes with **NO WARRANTIES**.
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