Commit 7ed4e460 authored by Michael J Gruber's avatar Michael J Gruber Committed by Gaute Hope

document read-only labels

parent f610557c
......@@ -112,6 +112,8 @@ bug]( is fixed, the `mute` and `
* The [`todo`]( label seems to be reserved and will be ignored. The same is true for `Trash` (capital `T`), use `trash` (lowercase, see below) to bin messages remotely.
* The `draft` and `sent` labels are read only: They are synced from GMail to local notmuch tags, but not back (if you change them via notmuch).
* [Only one of the tags]( `inbox`, `spam`, and `trash` may be added to an email. For
the time being, `trash` will be prefered over `spam`, and `spam` over inbox.
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