Commit d4782e72 authored by Gaute Hope's avatar Gaute Hope

'voicemail' label is reserved

parent 45d6430e
......@@ -110,13 +110,15 @@ You can get an [api key](
* The GMail API does not let you sync `muted` messages. Until [this Google
bug]( is fixed, the `mute` and `muted` tags are not synchronized with the remote.
* The [`todo`]( label seems to be reserved and will be ignored. The same is true for `Trash` (capital `T`), use `trash` (lowercase, see below) to bin messages remotely.
* The [`todo`]( and [`voicemail`]( labels seem to be reserved and will be ignored.
* The `draft` and `sent` labels are read only: They are synced from GMail to local notmuch tags, but not back (if you change them via notmuch).
* [Only one of the tags]( `inbox`, `spam`, and `trash` may be added to an email. For
the time being, `trash` will be prefered over `spam`, and `spam` over inbox.
* `Trash` (capital `T`) is reserved and not allowed, use `trash` (lowercase, see above) to bin messages remotely.
* Sometimes GMail provides a label identifier on a message for a label that does not exist. If you encounter this [issue]( you can get around it by using `gmi set --drop-non-existing-labels` and re-try to pull. The labels will now be ignored, and if this message is ever synced back up the unmapped label ID will be removed. You can list labels with `gmi pull -t`.
* You [cannot add any new files]( (files starting with `.` will be ignored) to the gmailieer repository. Gmailieer uses the directory content an index of local files. Gmailieer does not push new messages to your account (note that if you send messages with GMail, GMail automatically adds the message to your mailbox).
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ class Local:
class RepositoryException (Exception):
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