Commit 0fd482a3 authored by Helmut Grohne's avatar Helmut Grohne Committed by Helmut Grohne

autopkgtest defconfig needs root

The test validates file system permissions. When run as non-root, it
fails performing them.

Closes: #922447
Thanks: Antonio Terceiro for diagnosis and solution
parent 9724b1c9
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Tests: defconfig
Depends: lighttpd
Restrictions: needs-root
Tests: load-all-modules
Depends: lighttpd, lighttpd-modules-ldap, lighttpd-modules-mysql, lighttpd-mod-trigger-b4-dl, lighttpd-mod-cml, lighttpd-mod-magnet, lighttpd-mod-webdav, lighttpd-mod-authn-gssapi, lighttpd-mod-authn-pam, lighttpd-mod-authn-sasl, lighttpd-mod-geoip, lighttpd-mod-vhostdb-dbi, lighttpd-mod-vhostdb-pgsql
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