Commit 4590678b authored by Glenn Strauss's avatar Glenn Strauss

use persistent location for db in webdav conf

parent 1eda6967
......@@ -10,4 +10,7 @@ server.modules += ( "mod_webdav" )
## The full path to the file you would like to use as your db file. This
## is required for webdav props and locks.
webdav.sqlite-db-name = "/var/run/lighttpd/lighttpd.webdav_lock.db"
webdav.sqlite-db-name = "/var/cache/lighttpd/lighttpd.webdav.db"
## Note: while /var/cache/lighttpd/ is persistent across reboots,
## it is recommended to use a location such as /var/db/lighttpd/
## and to back up that location if the data in the db is important.
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