Commit 2d584baa authored by Philippe Teuwen's avatar Philippe Teuwen

Update ChangeLog

parent 85bef737
......@@ -9,9 +9,7 @@ Fixes:
- Silent pn53x_check_communication error messages when scanning
- Fix nfc_target_init(), was returning success in case of timeout
- Windows: fix several compilation issues
- Fix nfc_initiator_target_is_present() usage after nfc_initiator_poll_target()
- Fix nfc_initiator_target_is_present() set correctly last_error
- Fix nfc_initiator_target_is_present() if no saved target
- On tag selection, save current target info also for ISO14443B*
- nfc-list: New option to choose which technologies to poll for
......@@ -19,9 +17,25 @@ Improvements:
- New LIBNFC_DEVICE env var to use one reader and exclude all other readers
while LIBNFC_DEFAULT_DEVICE only prepends it to the configured devices list
- New LIBNFC_AUTO_SCAN env var to enable(default)/disable auto scan
- nfc-mfclassic: add format/wipe command
- nfc_initiator_target_is_present() allows NULL pointer to tag
- On tag selection, save current target info even if pnt=NULL
- On tag selection, grant NP_INFINITE_SELECT also for ISO14443B*
- Save & restore NP_INFINITE_SELECT status when changing it internally
- nfc-mfclassic: add format/wipe command (thanks to Adam Laurie)
- nfc-jewel: new utility to read/write Topaz/Jewel tags (thanks to Pim 't Hart)
Fixes & improvements specific to nfc_initiator_target_is_present():
- Supports fully PN532 & PN533, not tested on other chips
- Fix usage after nfc_initiator_poll_target()
- Set correctly last_error
- Fix issue when there was no saved target
- Allow NULL pointer to tag
- Fix issues in case of tear off conditions
- Now works with:
* MFUL, MFC, MFC Mini, MFC 7-byte (re-selection: you'll need to auth again)
* ISO14443-4A, ISO14443-4B
* ISO14443-4B', ASK CTx, ST SRx
* Jewel
* FeliCa
Sep 03, 2013 - 1.7.0
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