Commit 8fe13ece authored by Philippe Teuwen's avatar Philippe Teuwen

pn53x_initiator_transceive_bytes_timed(): use proper CRC_B if TypeB

parent c3a5fba0
......@@ -1605,6 +1605,13 @@ pn53x_initiator_transceive_bytes_timed(struct nfc_device *pnd, const uint8_t *pb
return pnd->last_error;
uint8_t txmode = 0;
if (pnd->bCrc) { // check if we're in TypeA or TypeB mode to compute right CRC later
if ((res = pn53x_read_register(pnd, PN53X_REG_CIU_TxMode, &txmode)) < 0) {
return res;
__pn53x_init_timer(pnd, *cycles);
// Once timer is started, we cannot use Tama commands anymore.
......@@ -1689,7 +1696,12 @@ pn53x_initiator_transceive_bytes_timed(struct nfc_device *pnd, const uint8_t *pb
if (!pbtTxRaw)
return NFC_ESOFT;
memcpy(pbtTxRaw, pbtTx, szTx);
iso14443a_crc_append(pbtTxRaw, szTx);
if ((txmode & SYMBOL_TX_FRAMING) == 0x00)
iso14443a_crc_append(pbtTxRaw, szTx);
else if ((txmode & SYMBOL_TX_FRAMING) == 0x03)
iso14443b_crc_append(pbtTxRaw, szTx);
log_put(LOG_GROUP, LOG_CATEGORY, NFC_LOG_PRIORITY_ERROR, "Unsupported framing type %02X, cannot adjust CRC cycles", txmode & SYMBOL_TX_FRAMING);
*cycles = __pn53x_get_timer(pnd, pbtTxRaw[szTx + 1]);
} else {
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