Commit a4f466df authored by Philippe Teuwen's avatar Philippe Teuwen

Verify return of nfc_device_set_property_bool()

Problem reported by Coverity:
CID 1090325 (#1 of 1): Unchecked return value (CHECKED_RETURN)
  unchecked_value: No check of the return value of "nfc_device_set_property_bool(pnd, NP_AUTO_ISO14443_4, false)".
parent e2135dba
......@@ -555,7 +555,12 @@ main(int argc, const char *argv[])
// Disable ISO14443-4 switching in order to read devices that emulate Mifare Classic with ISO14443-4 compliance.
nfc_device_set_property_bool(pnd, NP_AUTO_ISO14443_4, false);
if (nfc_device_set_property_bool(pnd, NP_AUTO_ISO14443_4, false) < 0) {
nfc_perror(pnd, "nfc_device_set_property_bool");
printf("NFC reader: %s opened\n", nfc_device_get_name(pnd));
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