Commit f2a3d510 authored by Romuald Conty's avatar Romuald Conty

Fix a bug introduce in r729, fix a compilation warning

parent ec601f6a
......@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ void print_nfc_felica_info (const nfc_felica_info_t nfi);
void print_nfc_jewel_info (const nfc_jewel_info_t nji);
void print_nfc_dep_info (const nfc_dep_info_t ndi);
void print_nfc_target (const nfc_target_t nt);
nfc_device_desc_t *parse_device_desc (int argc, const char *argv[], size_t * szFound);
......@@ -1410,7 +1410,7 @@ pn53x_ptt_to_nmt( const pn53x_target_type_t ptt )
case PTT_ISO14443_4A_106:
return NMT_ISO14443B;
return NMT_ISO14443A;
case PTT_ISO14443_4B_106:
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