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    Import Debian changes 3.8.1-1 · 399ef751
    Paul Martin authored
    logrotate (3.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream release
        + Changes in 3.8.0 fix build problems on non-POSIX architectures 
          (Closes: #632501)
        + New config options: dateyesterday, maxsize, su. (See manpage.)
          (maxsize Closes: #635184)
      * New patch:
        + man-compressext-576362.patch. Correct manpage about compressext,
          compressoptions behaviour. (Closes: #576362)
      * debian/logrotate.README.Debian: update now that rsyslog is default
        for new installs. (Closes: #649598)
      * Incidentally, rsyslog is now default syslog, and that doesn't use 
        savelog but makes use of logrotate. (Closes: #379843)
      * Install logrotate.conf.5 (a redirect to logrotate.8) (Closes: #182261)
      * debian/control: depend on cron-daemon as an alternative to cron.
        (Closes: #334137)
      * lintian warning fix: move debian/logrotate.copyright to debian/copyright
      * debian/control: add Breaks: postgresql-common (<= 126) as its config 
        file requires an "su". Postgres maintainer is aware and awaits this
      * Upload to unstable. (Closes: #648025)
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