Commit 989d3f1c authored by Christian Neukirchen's avatar Christian Neukirchen

add zsh completion

parent 7a840262
......@@ -5,4 +5,5 @@
* Colorize symlink targets
* Show broken links
* On Linux: Display of capabilities, ACL and xattrs in `-l`
* zsh completion
* Some small things in contrib/
CFLAGS=-g -O2 -Wall -Wno-switch -Wextra -Wwrite-strings
......@@ -6,6 +7,7 @@ DESTDIR=
all: $(ALL)
......@@ -13,8 +15,9 @@ clean: FRC
rm -f lr
install: FRC all
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
install -m0755 $(ALL) $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
install -m0644 $(ALL:=.1) $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
install -m0644 $(ZSHCOMP) $(DESTDIR)$(ZSHCOMPDIR)
#compdef lr
_lr_format() {
if [[ ${(Q)PREFIX} = *% ]]; then
local -a specs
'%:percent sign'
's:file size in bytes'
'S:file size, with human readable unit'
'b:file size in 512-byte blocks'
'k:file size in 1024-byte blocks'
'd:path depth'
'D:device number'
'R:device ID for special files'
'i:inode number'
'I:one space character for every depth level'
'p:full path'
'P:full path without command line argument prefix'
'l:symlink target'
'n:number of hardlinks'
'F:file indicator type'
'f:file basename'
'A:atime prefix'
'C:ctime prefix'
'T:mtime prefix'
'm:octal file permissions'
'M:ls-style symbolic file permissions'
'y:ls-style symbolic file type'
'g:group name'
'G:numeric gid'
'u:user name'
'U:numeric uid'
'e:number of entries in directories'
't:total size used by accepted files'
'Y:file system type'
'x:extended attributes'
compset -P "*"
_describe -t lr-format-specifiers 'format specifier' specs -S ''
_wanted lr-format-specifiers expl 'format specifier' compadd -S '' %
return 0
_lr_order() {
local -a specs
'd:path depth'
'e:file extension'
'i:inode number'
'n:file name'
'p:directory name'
's:file size'
't:file type'
'v:file name as version number'
'A:atime (reversed)'
'C:ctime (reversed)'
'D:path depth (reversed)'
'E:file extension (reversed)'
'I:inode number (reversed)'
'M:mtime (reversed)'
'N:file name (reversed)'
'P:directory name (reversed)'
'S:file size (reversed)'
'T:file type (reversed)'
'V:file name as version number (reversed)'
compset -P "*"
_describe -t lr-order-specifiers 'order specifier' specs -S ''
return 0
if (( words[(I)-l] )); then
local timeopt='-T+[show time]:time:((A\:access\ time C\:inode\ change\ time M\:file\ modification\ time))'
_arguments -S : \
'(-F -l -S -f)-0[output filenames NUL-separated]' \
'(-0 -l -S -f)-F[output filenames with type indicator]' \
'(-0 -F -S -f)-l[long output]' \
'(-0 -F -l -f)-S[stat(1)-like output]' \
'(-0 -F -l -S)-f[output with custom format]:format:_lr_format' \
$timeopt \
'-D[use depth-first traversal]' \
'(-L)-H[only follow symlinks on command line]' \
'(-H)-L[follow all symlinks]' \
'-1[don'\''t go below one level of directories]' \
'-A[don'\''t list files starting with a dot]' \
'-Q[don'\''t shell quote file names]' \
'-d[don'\''t enter directories]' \
'-G[colorize output]' \
'-h[print human readable size]' \
'-s[strip directory prefix passed on command line]' \
'-x[don'\''t enter other filesystems]' \
'(-o)-U[don'\''t sort results]' \
'(-U)-o[sort order]:order:_lr_order' \
'*-t[test expression]:test: ' \
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