Commit 06ea6782 authored by Richard P. Curnow's avatar Richard P. Curnow

Merge branch 'maint'

Plus fix conflicts in NEWS and update the 0.18 information.
parents 26392e6e 69541c39
......@@ -2,7 +2,19 @@ NEW IN VERSION 0.18
* Support bzip2'd mbox folders
* Fix bug in configure script that made it failed on plain Bourne shells.
* Fix bugs in parsing mbox folders containing unquoted 'From ' lines inside
MIME body parts.
* Fix bug in parsing content-type data containing quotes with whitespace
* Clone the message flags (when both the source folder and mfolder are both
* Fix detection of MH folder subtype used by nnml (Gnus)
* Fix filename format generated in the /cur/ directory for maildir mfolders.
* Syntax fix in configure script
......@@ -258,11 +258,17 @@ int filter_is_mh(const char *path, const struct stat *sb)/*{{{*/
int result = 0;
if (S_ISDIR(sb->st_mode)) {
/* TODO : find a way of making this more scalable? e.g. if a folder of a
* particular subtype is found once, try that subtype first later, since
* the user presumably uses a consistent MH-subtype (i.e. a single MUA). */
if (has_child_file(path, ".xmhcache") ||
has_child_file(path, ".mh_sequences") ||
/* Sylpheed */
has_child_file(path, ".sylpheed_cache") ||
has_child_file(path, ".sylpheed_mark") ||
/* NNML (Gnus) */
has_child_file(path, ".marks") ||
has_child_file(path, ".overview") ||
/* Evolution */
has_child_file(path, "cmeta") ||
has_child_file(path, "summary")) {
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