Commit 782cea0b authored by Kim Vandry's avatar Kim Vandry

Fix incorrect documentation about and&or searches.

Part of the documentation incorrectly claimed that , means OR while
+ means AND but actually / means OR while , means AND.

Add a test case to cover such searches.

Fixes rc0/mairix#18
parent 07a42fc9
......@@ -474,12 +474,12 @@ parts the expression applies to. If there is no colon, the expression applies
to all the headers listed earlier and the body.
.IP "3."
After the colon, commas delineate separate disjuncts, which are
After the colon, slashes delineate separate disjuncts, which are
OR-ed together.
.IP "4."
Each disjunct may contain separate conjuncts, which are separated
by plus signs. These conditions are AND-ed together.
by commas. These conditions are AND-ed together.
.IP "5."
Each conjunct may start with a tilde to negate it, and may be
add_messages mh AliceBobEve
assert_dump AliceBobEve
search_messages AliceBobEve s:track,re
assert_match mh AliceBobEve/4 # Re: Your so totally off the track!
search_messages AliceBobEve s:let/lost
assert_match mh AliceBobEve/2 # Let go!
assert_match mh AliceBobEve/5 # Get lost
search_messages AliceBobEve s:alice,new/longer,not
assert_match mh AliceBobEve/1 # Not so secret any longer
assert_match mh AliceBobEve/6 # New Alice
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