Commit 7cdd0712 authored by Jonathan Kamens's avatar Jonathan Kamens Committed by Richard P. Curnow

Fix faultly mbox message separators

Jonathan writes:
I noticed an issue with mairix today when doing a search with output into an
mbox file.

Technically, the message separator for mbox files is “\n\nFrom “, i.e., there’s
always supposed to be a blank line before the “From “ line, but the mbox being
generated by mairix search is missing the blank line at the end of some
messages, with the result that some programs that parse mbox files were missing
some message breaks and glomming messages together.

The attached patch fixes this by ensuring that there’s a blank line at the end
of every message in the mbox.
parent 4a8ed72c
......@@ -664,6 +664,20 @@ static void create_symlink(char *link_target, char *new_link)/*{{{*/
static void mbox_terminate(const unsigned char *data, int len, FILE *out)/*{{{*/
if (len == 0)
fputs("\n", out);
else if (len == 1) {
if (data[0] != '\n')
fputs("\n", out);
else if (data[len-1] != '\n')
fputs("\n\n", out);
else if (data[len-2] != '\n')
fputs("\n", out);
static void append_file_to_mbox(const char *path, FILE *out)/*{{{*/
unsigned char *data;
......@@ -673,6 +687,7 @@ static void append_file_to_mbox(const char *path, FILE *out)/*{{{*/
fprintf(out, "From mairix@mairix Mon Jan 1 12:34:56 1970\n");
fprintf(out, "X-source-folder: %s\n", path);
fwrite (data, sizeof(unsigned char), len, out);
mbox_terminate(data, len, out);
free_ro_mapping(data, len);
......@@ -726,6 +741,7 @@ static void append_mboxmsg_to_mbox(struct read_db *db, int msg_index, FILE *out)
fprintf(out, "X-source-folder: %s\n",
db->data + db->mbox_paths_table[mbox_index]);
fwrite(msg_start, sizeof(unsigned char), msg_len, out);
mbox_terminate(msg_start, msg_len, out);
if (mbox_start) {
free_ro_mapping(mbox_start, mbox_len);
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