Commit 9cdd2a51 authored by Jaime Velasco Juan's avatar Jaime Velasco Juan Committed by Kim Vandry

Show In-Reply-To when using -x

parent b5080840
......@@ -1322,6 +1322,8 @@ static int do_search(struct read_db *db, char **args, char *output_path, int sho
if (parsed->hdrs.subject) printf(" Subject: %s\n", parsed->hdrs.subject);
if (parsed->hdrs.message_id)
printf(" Message-ID: %s\n", parsed->hdrs.message_id);
if (parsed->hdrs.in_reply_to)
printf(" In-Reply-To:%s\n", parsed->hdrs.in_reply_to);
thetm = gmtime(&parsed->;
strftime(datebuf, sizeof(datebuf), "%a, %d %b %Y", thetm);
printf(" Date: %s\n", datebuf);
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