Commit a63574d5 authored by Richard Curnow's avatar Richard Curnow

Fix critical bug in handling hashes and add more auditing

Original rev  :

This patch fixes a critical bug, where the hash key read from the file database
wasn't propagated to the in-core one.  Thus any tokens added during a new
indexing run were added to the token tables using a different hash function to
that used before.  This led to duplicate tokens, which eventually caused
strange crashes and meant that searches were bogus because they would only see
some of the potential matches.

Additional auditing is added during the integrity checks to increase the
likelihood of catching this kind of problem in the future.
parent 005c6ad2
......@@ -29,15 +29,37 @@
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
struct sortable_token {/*{{{*/
char *text;
int index;
static int compare_sortable_tokens(const void *a, const void *b)/*{{{*/
const struct sortable_token *aa = (const struct sortable_token *) a;
const struct sortable_token *bb = (const struct sortable_token *) b;
int foo;
foo = strcmp(aa->text, bb->text);
if (foo) {
return foo;
} else {
if (aa->index < bb->index) return -1;
else if (aa->index > bb->index) return +1;
else return 0;
static void check_toktable_enc_integrity(int n_msgs, struct toktable *table)/*{{{*/
/* FIXME : Check reachability of tokens that are displaced from their natural
* hash bucket (if deletions have occurred during purge). */
int idx, incr;
int i;
int i, k;
unsigned char *j, *last_char;
int broken_chains = 0;
struct sortable_token *sort_list;
int any_duplicates;
for (i=0; i<table->size; i++) {
struct token *tok = table->tokens[i];
......@@ -64,6 +86,40 @@ static void check_toktable_enc_integrity(int n_msgs, struct toktable *table)/*{{
/* Check there are no duplicated tokens in the table. */
sort_list = new_array(struct sortable_token, table->n);
k = 0;
for (i=0; i<table->size; i++) {
struct token *tok = table->tokens[i];
if (tok) {
sort_list[k].text = new_string(tok->text);
sort_list[k].index = i;
assert(k == table->n);
qsort(sort_list, table->n, sizeof(struct sortable_token), compare_sortable_tokens);
/* Check for uniqueness of neighbouring token texts */
any_duplicates = 0;
for (i=0; i<(table->n - 1); i++) {
if (!strcmp(sort_list[i].text, sort_list[i+1].text)) {
fprintf(stderr, "Token table contains duplicated token %s at indices %d and %d\n",
sort_list[i].text, sort_list[i].index, sort_list[i+1].index);
any_duplicates = 1;
/* release */
for (i=0; i<table->n; i++) {
if (any_duplicates) {
fprintf(stderr, "Token table contained duplicate entries, aborting\n");
static int compare_strings(const void *a, const void *b)/*{{{*/
......@@ -246,6 +302,17 @@ static void import_toktable(char *data, unsigned int hash_key, int n_msgs, struc
index = hash & out->mask;
while (out->tokens[index]) {
/* Audit to look for corrupt database with multiple entries for the same
* string. */
if (!strcmp(nt->text, out->tokens[index]->text)) {
fprintf(stderr, "\n!!! Corrupt token table found in database, token <%s> duplicated, aborting\n",
fprintf(stderr, " Delete the database file and rebuild from scratch as a workaround\n");
/* No point going on - need to find out why the database got corrupted
* in the 1st place. Workaround for user - rebuild database from
* scratch by deleting it then rerunning. */
index &= out->mask;
......@@ -356,6 +423,8 @@ struct database *new_database_from_file(char *db_filename)/*{{{*/
result->msgs = new_array(struct msgpath, n);
result->type = new_array(enum message_type, n);
result->hash_key = input->hash_key;
/* Set up mbox structures */
N = result->n_mboxen = result->max_mboxen = input->n_mboxen;
result->mboxen = N ? (new_array(struct mbox, N)) : NULL;
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