Commit c2a732f2 authored by Richard Curnow's avatar Richard Curnow

Add left-anchored substring searches

Original rev  :
parent 251cc367
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ NEW IN VERSION 0.16
* Home directory and environment variable expansion in the .mairixrc file
* Add -Q flag to skip integrity checks.
* Add ^ word prefix to require substring search to be left-anchored
......@@ -332,6 +332,7 @@ static void usage(void)/*{{{*/
" s:word1/word2 : match either word or both words in Subject:\n"
" s:~word : match messages not containing word in Subject:\n"
" s:substring= : match substring in any word in Subject:\n"
" s:^substring= : match left-anchored substring in any word in Subject:\n"
" s:substring=2 : match substring with <=2 errors in any word in Subject:\n"
" (See documentation for more examples)\n"
......@@ -662,6 +662,16 @@ substring with at most one error, e.g. @samp{jointed} contains @samp{joint}
which can be got from @samp{point} with one letter changed. An error can be a
single letter changed, inserted or deleted.
@item A left-anchored substring match, e.g. @samp{s:^point=}. This matches all
messages containing a word in their subject line where the word begins with the
string @samp{point}. (This feature is intended to be useful for inflected
languages where the substring search is used to avoid the grammatical ending on
the word.) This left-anchored facility can be combined with the approximate
match facility, e.g. @samp{s:^point=1}.
Note, if the @samp{^} prefix is used without the @samp{=} suffix, it is ignored.
For example, @samp{s:^point} means the same thing as @samp{s:point}.
@item A disjunction, e.g. @samp{s:pointer/dereference}. This matches all
messages with one or both of the words @samp{pointer} and @samp{dereference} in
their subject lines.
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