Commit d84ec387 authored by Richard P. Curnow's avatar Richard P. Curnow

Update NEWS file for 0.22

parent 74ebca57
* Skip symlinks when using mbox (R A Lichtensteiger)
* Update copyright year info throughout
* Update ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and copyright headers where more credit was due
* Update FSF address in file headers
* Update COPYING to latest gpl-2.0.txt
* Improve error message if home directory cannot be determined
* Honour HOME environment variable (Andreas Amann)
* MIME types are allowed to have "+" characters in them. (Jonathan Kamens)
* Fix deficiencies in the parsing of mbox From lines (Jonathan Kamens)
* Include the existing -x flag in the help message (Mark Hills)
* Fix documentation nits (Tom Doherty)
* Remove spurious message when the mtime of a message file has changed
* Do not export functions already exported through a callback structure. (Samuel Tardieu)
* Fix two manpages buglets. (Samuel Tardieu)
* When freeing a struct nvp, do not forget to free the struct nvp_entry. (Samuel Tardieu)
* Do not leak memory if duplicate fields are present. (Samuel Tardieu)
* Initialize the date header with a known value. (Samuel Tardieu)
* Merge two conflicting solutions for bad MIME encoding
* Fix segfault when last char is not a newline (Mika Fischer)
* fix for MIME-related crash (Paramjit Oberoi)
* Add support claws-mail (Anand Kumria)
* Add MH sub-type support for ezmlm-archives (Claus Alboege)
* Detect a trailing -f or -o with no following argument
* Allow lines starting "From" to occur part-way through the header.o
* Display message-ID in search -x mode
* Remove execute permission from source files
* Handle mbox from separators where email address is in angle brackets
* Fix a bug in rfc822.c: Some headers weren't correctly parsed. (Jaime Velasco Juan)
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