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  5. 21 Oct, 2010 1 commit
    • Peter Jeremy's avatar
      Fix SEGV if mbox shrinks · 66d1467a
      Peter Jeremy authored
      If you build the database using mbox files and then shrink one of the files (eg
      delete a message out of it) then mairix will SEGV if it tries to search that
  6. 30 Aug, 2010 1 commit
  7. 29 Jul, 2010 1 commit
    • Jonathan Kamens's avatar
      Fix faultly mbox message separators · 7cdd0712
      Jonathan Kamens authored
      Jonathan writes:
      I noticed an issue with mairix today when doing a search with output into an
      mbox file.
      Technically, the message separator for mbox files is “\n\nFrom “, i.e., there’s
      always supposed to be a blank line before the “From “ line, but the mbox being
      generated by mairix search is missing the blank line at the end of some
      messages, with the result that some programs that parse mbox files were missing
      some message breaks and glomming messages together.
      The attached patch fixes this by ensuring that there’s a blank line at the end
      of every message in the mbox.
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  11. 02 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • R A Lichtensteiger's avatar
      Skip symlinks when using mbox · 74ebca57
      R A Lichtensteiger authored
      I use a lot of symlinks for people who have multiple email addresses, so that
      the emails all land in the right place.
      Unfortunately for me, mairix happily indexes all of those symlinks as files.  I
      made some changes to mbox.c to have it skip symlinks while in
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    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Merge branch 'jik' · 50d7aaa2
      Richard P. Curnow authored
        fromcheck.nfa (use jik version which has a cleaner equivalent of the
        conflicting edit)
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Fix whitespace · 52fb4641
      Richard P. Curnow authored
    • Jonathan Kamens's avatar
    • Jonathan Kamens's avatar
      Fix deficiencies in the parsing of mbox From lines · e4f5abda
      Jonathan Kamens authored
      1. The local part of email addresses can actually have a lot more characters in
      it than you were recognizing.
      2. In addition, quotation marks can be used to include even more characters in
      the local part.
      3. Valid characters in the domain part of the address are actually much more
      restricted than valid characters in the local part.
      4. Some software wraps the email address in angle brackets.
      5. You don't see it all that often anymore, but sometimes you will see domain
      routing notation in From lines, e.g., "@domain1:foo@domain2".
      6. Finally, the domain part of an email address could be an IP address wrapped
      in square braces rather than a DNS domain name.
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