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    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Ensure messages arrays are definitely always enlarged. · 12e921ad
      Richard P. Curnow authored
      Vincent Lefevre sent in a test case in which the first indexing run only placed
      a single message in the database.  On a 2nd indexing run, the funcion
      maybe_grow_message_arrays() did not actually expand the arrays which caused
      heap corruption.
  11. 29 Sep, 2006 1 commit
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Fix silly typo · c078c9f7
      Richard P. Curnow authored
      The previous code, on the 2nd indexing run onwards, was losing the table for
      the email bodies from all previous messages.
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  15. 26 Aug, 2006 2 commits
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Implement -F/--fast-index flag · fb84c2e4
      Richard P. Curnow authored
      For maildir and MH folders, this flag avoids doing a stat() on each message.
      This should give a noticeable improvement in indexing speed when the majority
      of messages are unchanged and indexing is occurring very frequently.  However,
      there is a risk that mairix will not notice changes to an existing message.
      However, such an omission can easily be cured by a later indexing run without
      this new flag.
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Preparatory work for fast-index option · 2573eaf7
      Richard P. Curnow authored
      Do the stat() on each maildir and MH message late, during
      and after the pass where the current on-disc paths are reconciled with the
      paths already known in the database.  Previously the stat() was done when the
      list of current on-disc paths was being built up.
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  21. 09 Aug, 2004 2 commits
    • Richard Curnow's avatar
      Remove a bunch of compiler warnings · 3932d7b3
      Richard Curnow authored
      Original rev  : rc@rc0.org.uk--2004-mairix/mairix--dev--0.15--patch-21
    • Richard Curnow's avatar
      First batch of fixups for Linux/alpha · 3e9aeb23
      Richard Curnow authored
      Original rev  : rc@rc0.org.uk--2004-mairix/mairix--dev--0.15--patch-18
      Two main areas of problems:
      1. casting between pointers to 4-byte and 8-byte integers.
      2. ctype functions unsafe when negative values passed as arguments (i.e. if
      value comes straight from a (signed) char array or pointer dereference.)
      Patches applied:
       * rc@rc0.org.uk--2004/mairix--alpha64--040629--base-0
         tag of rc@rc0.org.uk--2004-mairix/mairix--dev--0.15--patch-8
       * rc@rc0.org.uk--2004/mairix--alpha64--040629--patch-1
         Fix inconsistency in type of len arg to create_ro_mapping
       * rc@rc0.org.uk--2004/mairix--alpha64--040629--patch-2
         Fix up other callers of create_ro_mapping wrt 3rd arg type
       * rc@rc0.org.uk--2004/mairix--alpha64--040629--patch-3
         Make args to ctype.h functions safe wrt sign extension from char->int
  22. 06 Jul, 2004 1 commit
    • Richard Curnow's avatar
      Fix critical bug in handling hashes and add more auditing · a63574d5
      Richard Curnow authored
      Original rev  : rc@rc0.org.uk--2004-mairix/mairix--dev--0.15--patch-12
      This patch fixes a critical bug, where the hash key read from the file database
      wasn't propagated to the in-core one.  Thus any tokens added during a new
      indexing run were added to the token tables using a different hash function to
      that used before.  This led to duplicate tokens, which eventually caused
      strange crashes and meant that searches were bogus because they would only see
      some of the potential matches.
      Additional auditing is added during the integrity checks to increase the
      likelihood of catching this kind of problem in the future.
  23. 06 Jun, 2004 1 commit
    • Richard Curnow's avatar
      File header improvements · 932579ae
      Richard Curnow authored
      Original rev  : rc@rc0.org.uk--2004-mairix/mairix--dev--0.15--patch-3
      Remove CVS $header cruft.
      Add GPL headers to files that were missing it.
  24. 01 Jun, 2004 8 commits