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    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Merge branch 'jik' · 50d7aaa2
      Richard P. Curnow authored
        fromcheck.nfa (use jik version which has a cleaner equivalent of the
        conflicting edit)
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Fix whitespace · 52fb4641
      Richard P. Curnow authored
    • Jonathan Kamens's avatar
    • Jonathan Kamens's avatar
      Fix deficiencies in the parsing of mbox From lines · e4f5abda
      Jonathan Kamens authored
      1. The local part of email addresses can actually have a lot more characters in
      it than you were recognizing.
      2. In addition, quotation marks can be used to include even more characters in
      the local part.
      3. Valid characters in the domain part of the address are actually much more
      restricted than valid characters in the local part.
      4. Some software wraps the email address in angle brackets.
      5. You don't see it all that often anymore, but sometimes you will see domain
      routing notation in From lines, e.g., "@domain1:foo@domain2".
      6. Finally, the domain part of an email address could be an IP address wrapped
      in square braces rather than a DNS domain name.
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  14. 28 Nov, 2008 2 commits
    • Samuel Tardieu's avatar
      Do not leak memory if duplicate fields are present. · 8337f61f
      Samuel Tardieu authored
      If for any reason duplicate headers are present, mairix will
      leak memory as it will reallocate new strings while loosing any
      reference on the existing ones.
      We take a different approach depending on the header:
        - Multiple "To:" and "Cc:" are concatenated (separated by ",") since
          this is a common and legitimate case of repeated headers.
        - Other headers are ignored if they have been encountered already.
    • Samuel Tardieu's avatar
      Initialize the date header with a known value. · 999a52bf
      Samuel Tardieu authored
      The "Date:" header should be present in every email, but if it is not
      for any reason the "date" field will be left uninitialized. Set it to
      the epoch.
  15. 24 Apr, 2008 2 commits
    • Richard P. Curnow's avatar
      Merge two conflicting solutions for bad MIME encoding · dadc197d
      Richard P. Curnow authored
      Mika has an extra test to avoid a buffer over-run.  However, Paramjit's
      early-exit solution for the other problem looks more guaranteed to be safe.
    • Mika Fischer's avatar
      Fix segfault when last char is not a newline · 67a417f0
      Mika Fischer authored
      I stumbled across a small bug when I tried out Mairix. It happens when an email
      file does not have a newline as the last character, sinc you do strchr(string,
      '\n'), which returns zero if it can't find '\n', resulting in a segfault.
      I've attached a patch that fixes the issue for me.
  16. 29 Mar, 2008 1 commit
    • Paramjit Oberoi's avatar
      fix for MIME-related crash · 4aa49467
      Paramjit Oberoi authored
      I recently encountered a segfault in mairix when parsing a badly formatted MIME
      message.  In particular, if the email ends with "--mime-boundary-" - i.e. a
      single dash at the end instead of the usual two dashes, mairix crashes in the
      do_multipart() function.
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