Commit 19fb66ac authored by Charles Plessy's avatar Charles Plessy

Notes taken while working reviewing the mime.types file.

parent a21f31e0
# Misc. notes
## List tab-separated types and subtypes from `mime.types`.
perl -nE 'next if /^#|^ |^$/ ; say join "\t", (split m,/|\s,)[0,1]' mime.types
## List types and subtypes from the FreeDesktop shared-mime-info project.
vi # edit by removing DOCTYPE, removing the <?xml line
and removing the xmlns attribute in the mime-info tag.
cat |
xmlstarlet sel -T -t -m "mime-info" \
-m "mime-type" -v "@type" -o "$(printf "\t")" \
-m "glob" -v "@pattern" -o " " -b -nl |
sed 's/\*\.//g'
## To do ?
- Test at build time that there are no duplicated media types in `mime.types`.
- Synchronise `mime.types` from ``.
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