Commit 4e6a4e5a authored by Jonas Smedegaard's avatar Jonas Smedegaard

Update watch file: Rewrite usage comment. Generalize dversionmangle option.

parent 399533c5
# run "uscan --report" to check or "gbp import-orig --uscan" to update
version=4 version=4
opts="mode=git, pgpmode=none, pretty=0~%cd, dversionmangle=s/~dfsg\d*$//, repacksuffix=~dfsg1" \ # check: uscan --report \ # update: gbp import-orig --upstream-vcs-tag=vX.Y.Z --uscan
dversionmangle=s/[~+](dfsg|ds)\d*$//,repacksuffix=~dfsg1 \ HEAD
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