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    New: Re-write the DirectX parser (#280) · e1292238
    Christopher Lees authored
    * WIP DirectX parser re-write
    Fix csproj casing issue
    Add to makefile
    Cleanup some excess code, error check the header
    Minor twiddling in new X parser
    * Fix: Issues with block labels and stuff
    * Partially implement frame / frametransformatrix
    * New: Add X file parser using Assimp
    * Partial validation of embedded templates
    * Typo in block reading code
    * String reading changes, fix files containing comments
    * Add basic Matrix4 and Vector4 to API
    * Basic matrix transforms working
    * Fix root matrix bug on reload
    [ci skip]
    * Add toggle to Object Viewer between the two parsers
    * Add Matrix transform operator to Vector3
    * Fix root frame detection
    * Change: Properly handle MSZip compression
    * Change: Properly handle MSZip compression
    * Change: Followed change of DirectX branch
    * Change: Add toggle to ObjectViewer between the tree parsers
    * Fix: minor problems
    * Change: Better handling for 3DS Max files
    * Fix: Zipped txt files do not have the header
    * Fix: dummy-root problem
    * Make original X parser use MSZip decompression
    * Fix more bugs in the NewXParser
    * Fix: Speedup string handling for new X parser
    * Port to main sim
    * Fix merge issues, tweak Assimp
    * Make Resharper a little happier with Assimp
    Nothing really interesting, but could have bugged out on RTL string comparisons
    * Fix X file with no declared faces in a mesh
    * Fix Assimp importer for mesh with no faces
    * Fix X file variant containing single material on all faces
    * Fix: Handle a broken X file variant
    * Fix: Issue where parsing failed with some X files at AssimpXParser (#294)
    * Change: Better handling for some null objects
    * Change: Tweak error if material with empty texture is defined
    * Fix: Another Assimp issue with null objects
    * New: Add option to main menu to choose X parser
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