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    OPENDNSSEC-721: · 4703ac8c
    halderen authored
    - usage of etc/softhsm2.conf iso softhsm.conf
    - tokens no longer single file but directory
    - slot id changes slot number when initialized, so re-initialization
      using same slot id not possible.  we only re-initialize when we mean to
      re-initialize all slots (starting with 0), so remove all slots first.
      This causes slot 0 to become available again.
    - use softhsm2-util iso softhsm program
    - in configure text and sample files propose to use libsofthsm2.so
    - some operations take little longer to little more sleep
    - ensure bind named terminates after running the test in time
    - don't ditch the output of command constantly in tests as when they
      succeed they don't produce output and when they fail, you end up later
      with unexplicable errors
    - explicitly use env variable SOFTHSM2_CONF= because softhsm2 will
      always look in absolute path /etc for its conf file, regardless of its
      installation path.
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