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    ECP patches from Frank Cusack: · 7bb8beb8
    David F. Skoll authored
    - If encryption is required, don't bring up IP/IPv6/IPX until the
      encryption negotiation has completed.
    - Shut down LCP if the peer sends an LCP ConfRej instead of CCP ConfRej
      to our MPPE offer.  This fixes a bug where the server could not enforce
      use of encryption in some cases.
    - Don't send the M=<message> part of an MS-CHAPv2 success packet to peers
      that don't know how to deal with it.  This allows pre-win2k systems to
    - Don't shut down lcp if MPPE was present in peer's CCP offer along with
      other options.  This allows pre-win2k systems to do MPPE (they offer
      Stac LZS with MPPE).
    - Add the beginnings of ecp.c.
    - Other minor changes.