Open new entry in changelog

As explained at[1], piuparts job setup local repository with packages
just built. If their version is equal to version in archives, job will
fail with "Sources disagree on hashes of supposely identical version"
error. So, to keep CI clean, it is necessary to create new changelog
entry after release.

 [1] salsa-ci-team/pipeline#46 (comment 80587)
parent 7f93df8d
Pipeline #53473 passed with stages
in 9 minutes and 5 seconds
runit (2.1.2-32) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Work in progress.
-- Dmitry Bogatov <> Sat, 08 Jun 2019 11:02:06 +0000
runit (2.1.2-31) experimental; urgency=medium
* [66e90711] invoke-run: add option to not stop sysv scripts (Closes: #928935)
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