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Imported Upstream version 5.2

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# run autoheader
autoheader2.50 --include=autoconf autoconf/
chmod 644 autoconf/
# run autoconf
autoconf2.50 --include=autoconf autoconf/ > configure
chmod 755 configure
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Lines marked with "xterm:" indicate either xterm features ported to rxvt
or changed rxvt behaviour to make it more compatible to xterm (usually
xfree86's xterm).
TODO: do font request caching, might help rxvtd on some machines
TODO: manpage 900mb update
TODO: safer command: keymap processing.
TODO: "slow" rendering mode for bidi and scripts
TODO: read property sequence is broken with respect to utf-8 etc.
WISH: keyboard modification via esc-sequences.
WISH: line-rewrapping on resize
WISH: hotkey font resizing (possible via keymaps)
WISH: searchable backlog
WISH: meta-tagging of data by regex (my dream project)
WISH: double-click: more intelligent (urls etc.)
WISH: OnTheSpot editing.
WISH: OnTheSpot editing, or maybe switch to miiiiiiif
WISH: tabbed windows (hey, just use screen...)
WISH: just for fun, do shade and tint with XRender.
5.2 Sun Feb 20 01:48:59 CET 2005
- new option -pty-fd that makes the terminal a slave
that uses an existing pty for I/O instead of starting
a command.
- implement enough of XEMBED to allow for correct focus.
- added doc/embed-tk, an embedding example in Perl/Tk,
and doc/rxvt-tabbed, a primitive tabbed shell implemented
in Perl/Gtk2.
- fix assertion failure ("crash") on mousewheel-scrolling
when the terminal height is small, by removing the assert.
(reported by Mikael Magnusson).
- SYNCCVS. backported bugfixes done to rxvt
(sourceforge bugs #1028739, #1028732), except for
pts/%s fix as it seems to collide with freebsd,
and sourceforge bug #954654, which is not neccessary.
- change terminfo file to not clobber G1 when using
line-drawing characters, as this seems to mess
with EUC-JP (it will clobber G0, but G0 practically
needs to be US-ASCII all the time).
- toggle default application keypad/cursor mode to help
some apps who fail to set the correct mode.
- check for WM_PROTOCOLS type in ClientMessage as to
not destroy the window for other types of messages.
- remove shared library (or any library) support - it is
of no use currently (and -embed is a better way to embed
- get rid of the intpro files.
5.1 Tue Feb 15 17:13:27 CET 2005
- fix a bug when parsing fontnames and another one
for empty keymaps which could result in crashes
(Kuang-che Wu).
- new option: -embed (frills). somebody could write a simple
tk script to make a tab'able terminal now...
- only warn on X errors and _try_ to continue (frills).
- add COPYING back, which got lost somehow.
- after deciding that LSM is dead, remove all traces of it,
along with other, similar, cleanups.
- _try_ to react sensibly to some non-monotonic time changes.
- don't crash in urxvtc when getcwd fails (reported by Paco-Paco).
- tweak font searching algorithm a bit to be faster and more
compatible with older rxvt-unicode versions when multiple fonts
match (reported by Paco-Paco).
- urxvtd tries to stay in "/" whenever possible.
5.0 Fri Feb 11 18:31:48 CET 2005
- document a race-free hack to start urxvtd.
- document all(?) environment variables used and set by rxvt.
- bring xgetdefault-style resource file ordering more in line with
Xt, and document it in rxvt(1).
- correctly use screen-dependent resources when --enable-xgetdefault,
and also fix some memory bugs (thanks to Thierry Reding for
his patience and time in tracking this down).
- bring own resource parsing more in line with X resource parsing,
most notably, don't remove double quotes.
- compile fix for freebsd (no ut_id) (Thierry Thomas).
- clean up utmp and pty on X I/O errors and signals (idea
by Joël Riou).
- "un"document -xrm, it never really worked, was only
available with --enable-xgetdefault, is not necessary
and is surprisingly hard to implement.
- shaved off some code segment size.
- various code cleanups.
- more keysym-mapping fixes.
4.9 Thu Feb 3 09:52:03 CET 2005
- nuke out utmp entries completely. Should be fixed in
original rxvt, too. (reported by James Michael Fultz).
......@@ -46,7 +110,7 @@ WISH: just for fun, do shade and tint with XRender.
- for core fonts, use ascent + descent when a font is loaded,
and PIXEL_SIZE when not. when loading a font, iterate until a
font has been found that _really_ fits the height (reported and
tested by Roch).
tested by Olivier Wittenberg).
- set IUTF8 input flag, when defined (linux-2.6.5+).
- only define _XOPEN_SOURCE on solaris.
- autogenerate src/* dependency list.
......@@ -403,16 +467,16 @@ WISH: just for fun, do shade and tint with XRender.
for the keymappings.
- don't leave the X or rxvtd sockets open in child processes.
(inherited fd's stay open - different to rxvt).
- xterm: implemented OSC3, set/get window property. get is an
extension and is slightly ugly.
- xterm-compat: implemented OSC3, set/get window property. get is
an extension and is slightly ugly.
- removed --disable-swapscreen and SCROLL_ON_NO_SECONDARY and
replaced them by runtime-configurable options secondaryScreen and
secondaryScroll (-ssr and -ssc) (see debian bug #237673).
- close down terminal window when child exits. (debian bug #241267).
- xterm: enable seperate mouse bg colour setting.
- xterm-compat: enable seperate mouse bg colour setting.
- re-enable mouse cursor colours again, fixing colours when fg/bg are
overwritten (as is common).
- xterm: correctly implement privmodes 1047, 1048, 1049.
- xterm-compat: correctly implement privmodes 1047, 1048, 1049.
- ported to solaris by
2.6 Fri Apr 2 03:24:10 CEST 2004
......@@ -420,8 +484,8 @@ WISH: just for fun, do shade and tint with XRender.
- WARNING: changed menu sequence from ESC ] 10 to ESC ] 703 to
avoid clashes with xterm.
- changed OSC701/OSC702 sequence to return standard escaped reports.
- xterm: make set window colour and other requests report window
colour when arg is "?".
- xterm-compat: make set window colour and other requests report
window colour when arg is "?".
- enable colour tinting of "transparent" backgrounds.
- stop ST sequences earlier, as we now react on 0x90 and thus
cause conditions more often that look like locks but are, in
See README.unicode for rxvt-unicode specific documentation.
Using GNU autoconfig
1. If you retrieved a CVS version of this package, you need the GNU
autoconf package to generate the configure script. This is done
by running ./.prebuild in this directory which will automatically
by running ./genac in this directory which will automatically
run autoconf with the appropriate options.
2. Run ./configure to generate config.h and the various Makefiles.
./configure --help gives a list of possible options with slightly
longer descriptions in README.configure
Note that configure options have changed since 2.6.x series.
Some systems require unusual options for compilation or linking that
the `configure' script does not know about. You can give `configure'
initial values for variables by setting them in the environment. Using
......@@ -50,25 +46,16 @@ Using GNU autoconfig
(cd src; make install)
(cd rclock; make install)
you may also want to install doc/etc/rxvt.terminfo and
you may also want to install doc/etc/rxvt-unicode.terminfo and
7 a. If compiled with UTMP_SUPPORT, you may need to install rxvt setuid
root or setuid/setgid to match the file permissions on /etc/utmp
7 b. You may need to install setuid root anyway for some systems so that
they can give you ownership of the tty devices.
8. On systems which dislike doc/rxvt.1
(cd doc; rm rxvt.1; make rxvt.1)
NB: If you were able to compile OK but running rxvt prints out
"rxvt: could not obtain control of tty"
running "make tests" from this directory (or from src/test)
should give you a breakdown of the failure point which is
useful to the developers in fixing the problem
NB: SunOS (with/without gcc?) gets reported by configure as
......@@ -91,3 +78,4 @@ NB: SunOS (with/without gcc?) gets reported by configure as
......@@ -8,19 +8,22 @@ README.configure
......@@ -68,8 +71,6 @@ src/keyboard.h
# ./ -*- Makefile -*-
# $Id:,v 1.10 2005/02/02 08:09:23 root Exp $
VERNAME = rxvt-unicode-$(VERSION)
srcdir = @srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
.PATH: @srcdir@
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......@@ -62,14 +62,16 @@ CONFIGURE OPTIONS
pseudo-characters when no precomposed form exists.
Without --enable-unicode3, the number of additional precomposed
characters is rather limited (2048, if this is full, rxvt will use
the private use area, extending the number of combinations to 8448).
With --enable-unicode3, no practical limit exists. This will also
enable storage of characters >65535.
characters is rather limited (2048, if this is full, rxvt-unicode
will use the private use area, extending the number of combinations
to 8448). With --enable-unicode3, no practical limit exists.
This option will also enable storage (but not display) of characters
beyond plane 0 (>65535) when --enable-unicode3 was not specified.
The combining table also contains entries for arabic presentation
forms, but these are not currently used. Bug me if you want these to
be used.
be used (and tell me how these are to be used...).
When reading resource settings, also read settings for class CLASS
......@@ -154,6 +156,10 @@ CONFIGURE OPTIONS
version which only checks ~/.Xdefaults, or if that doesn't exist
then ~/.Xresources.
Please note that nowadays, things like XIM will automatically pull
in and use the full X resource manager, so the overhead of using it
might be very small, if nonexistant.
Add support for our possibly faster memset() function and other
various routines, overriding your system's versions which may have
......@@ -182,6 +188,8 @@ CONFIGURE OPTIONS
window op and locale change escape sequences
settable insecure mode
keysym remapping support
-embed and -pty-fd options
Enable extended ISO 14755 support (see rxvt(1), or doc/rxvt.1.txt).
# autoconf/ -*- Makefile -*-
# release date (man), LSM date, version number/name, current maintainer
# release date (man), version number/name
MAINT=Marc A. Lehmann
WEBMAINT=Marc A. Lehmann
SHELL = /bin/sh
# This variable makes it possible to move the installation root to another
# directory. This is useful when you're creating a binary distribution
# If empty, normal root will be used.
# You can run eg. 'make install DESTDIR=/packages/rxvt-xx' to accomplish
# that.
# DESTDIR = /usr/local/X11/$(VERNAME)
# Installation target directories & other installation stuff
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
......@@ -68,7 +54,6 @@ XINC = @X_CFLAGS@ @XPM_CFLAGS@
# extra libraries needed by X on some systems, X library location
COMPILE = $(CXX) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) $(DEBUG) $(DINCLUDE) $(XINC) -I$(basedir) -I$(srcdir) -I.
dnl> $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.2 2003/11/24 17:31:26 pcg Exp $
builtin(include, xpm.m4)
builtin(include, libtool.m4)
......@@ -109,14 +109,20 @@
/* Define if you have the updwtmp function. */
/* Define if you have the updwtmpx function. */
/* Define if you have the <X11/Xft/Xft.h> header file. */
#undef HAVE_X11_XFT_XFT_H
/* Define if you have the <assert.h> header file. */
/* Define if you have the <dlfcn.h> header file. */
/* Define if you have the <clocale> header file. */
/* Define if you have the <cwchar> header file. */
/* Define if you have the <fcntl.h> header file. */
......@@ -178,6 +184,9 @@
/* Define if you have the <utmpx.h> header file. */
/* Define if you have the <wchar.h> header file. */
/* Define if you have the Xft library (-lXft). */
......@@ -262,6 +271,9 @@
/* Define if struct utmpx contains ut_host */
/* Define if struct utmpx contains ut_session */
/* Define if utmp.h or lastlog.h has struct lastlog */
......@@ -15,8 +15,7 @@ dnl RXVT version
changequote(, )dnl
VERSION=`sed -n -e 's/^.*[ \t]VERSION.*"\(.*\)"$/\1/p' ${srcdir}/src/version.h`
DATE=`sed -n -e 's/^.*[ \t]DATE.*"\(.*\)"$/\1/p' ${srcdir}/src/version.h`
LSMDATE=`sed -n -e 's/^.*[ \t]LSMDATE.*"\(.*\)"$/\1/p' ${srcdir}/src/version.h`
LIBVERSION=`sed -n -e 's/^.*[ \t]LIBVERSION.*"\(.*\)"$/\1/p' ${srcdir}/src/version.h`
dnl LIBVERSION=`sed -n -e 's/^.*[ \t]LIBVERSION.*"\(.*\)"$/\1/p' ${srcdir}/src/version.h`
changequote([, ])dnl
......@@ -84,9 +83,9 @@ dnl solaris needs to link libnsl and socket
AC_CHECK_LIB(nsl, gethostbyname, [LIBS="$LIBS -lnsl"])
AC_CHECK_LIB(socket, socket, [LIBS="$LIBS -lsocket"])
AC_ENABLE_SHARED(no)dnl# libtool
AC_ENABLE_STATIC(yes)dnl# libtool
AC_PROG_LIBTOOL()dnl# libtool
dnl AC_ENABLE_SHARED(no)dnl# libtool
dnl AC_ENABLE_STATIC(yes)dnl# libtool
dnl AC_PROG_LIBTOOL()dnl# libtool
......@@ -521,6 +520,9 @@ AC_CHECK_HEADERS( \
utmpx.h \
stdint.h \
pty.h \
wchar.h \
cwchar \
clocale \
......@@ -608,19 +610,19 @@ dnl# see usage below
[AC_CACHE_CHECK([for $2], $1,
[AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[#include <stdint.h>]], [[$2 dummy;]])],[$1=yes],[dnl
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_char -ge $3; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_char" -ge $3; then
$1="$4 char"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_short -ge $3; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_short" -ge $3; then
$1="$4 short"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_int -ge $3; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_int" -ge $3; then
$1="$4 int"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_long -ge $3; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_long" -ge $3; then
$1="$4 long"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_long_long -ge $3; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_long_long" -ge $3; then
$1="$4 long long"
$1="$4 $5" # we _must_ have a (possibly wrong) default
......@@ -657,15 +659,15 @@ dnl AC_SUBST(rxvt_uint64_typedef)
dnl# Now look for another we use
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_int_p -eq 8; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_int_p" -eq 8; then
rxvt_intp_define="#define intp_t int64_t"
rxvt_u_intp_define="#define u_intp_t u_int64_t"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_int_p -eq 4; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_int_p" -eq 4; then
rxvt_intp_define="#define intp_t int32_t"
rxvt_u_intp_define="#define u_intp_t u_int32_t"
if test $ac_cv_sizeof_int_p -eq 2; then
if test "$ac_cv_sizeof_int_p" -eq 2; then
rxvt_intp_define="#define intp_t int16_t"
rxvt_u_intp_define="#define u_intp_t u_int16_t"
......@@ -707,6 +709,7 @@ AC_CHECK_FUNCS( \
on_exit \
nanosleep \
updwtmp \
updwtmpx \
ttyslot \
dnl# Note: On NetBSD, openpty() exists in libutil. Don't pull it in
......@@ -759,8 +762,16 @@ AC_CACHE_CHECK(for host in utmpx struct, rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_host,
if test x$rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_host = xyes; then
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_UTMPX_HOST, 1, Define if struct utmpx contains ut_host)
) dnl# AC_CHECK_HEADER(utmpx.h
AC_CACHE_CHECK(for session in utmpx struct, rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_session,
[AC_TRY_COMPILE([#include <sys/types.h>
#include <utmpx.h>],
[struct utmpx utx; utx.ut_session;],
rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_session=yes, rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_session=no)])
if test x$rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx_session = xyes; then
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_UTMPX_SESSION, 1, Define if struct utmpx contains ut_session)
) dnl# AC_CHECK_HEADER(utmpx.h
dnl# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
dnl# check for struct lastlog
......@@ -1443,12 +1454,17 @@ if test x$support_xim = xyes -a x$rxvt_cv_func_xlocale = xno; then
echo ".----------------------------------------------------------------."
echo " *** Please check src/feature.h for further options ***"
echo " *** Optionally check src/feature.h for further options ***"
echo ".----------------------------------------------------------------."
echo ". NOTE: most features are disabled by default, try ."
echo ". configure --help to get an idea of the optional features ."
echo ". configure --help to get an idea of the optional features, ."
echo ". or read ./README.configure ."
echo ". ."
echo ". The script ./reconf gives a reasonable baseline, try it if ."
echo ". you do not want to read documentation and still want some ."
echo ". useful features. ."
echo ".----------------------------------------------------------------."
dnl> $Id: xpm.m4,v 1.2 2003/11/24 17:31:27 pcg Exp $
dnl> test to find the hard-to-find libXpm
dnl> mostly copied from AC_PATH_X & AC_PATH_DIRECT, but explictly set
This diff is collapsed.
Title: rxvt
Version: @@RXVT_VERSION@@
Entered-date: @@RXVT_LSMDATE@@
Description: @@RXVT_WEBPAGE@@
Rxvt is an 8-bit clean, colour xterm replacement that uses
significantly less memory than a conventional xterm, mostly
since it doesn't support toolkit configurability or Tek
graphics, but also since features can be removed at
compile-time to reflect your needs. Some rxvt features
(compilation dependent): ANSI-color, bold/blink attributes
modify foreground/background colours, scrollbars with arrow
buttons, kanji and greek support, printer-pipe, XPM
backgrounds with on-the-fly scaling, user-definable menus.
The distribution also includes rclock, the smaller/better
xclock replacement with appointment scheduling and xbiff
Keywords: rxvt colour color kanji xterm X11 vt100 terminal-emulator
rclock xbiff xpm menu
Author: * John Bovey [Univ. Kent at Canterbury] was the creator of
the original xvt.
* Rob Nation [Lockheed] re-wrote most of xvt to make a
substantiallly enhanced version called rxvt (Rob's xvt)
and also wrote rclock (Rob's clock).
* Mark Olesen [Queen's Univ. at Kingston] made various
improvements and cleanups.
Coordinated development, versions 2.11 - 2.21
* Oezguer Kesim [FU Berlin]
Coordinated development, versions 2.21a - 2.4.5
* Geoff Wing rewrote much of the screen refreshing routines
and mouse selection.
Coordinated development, versions 2.4.6 -
Maintained-by: @@RXVT_MAINT@@ @@RXVT_MAINTEMAIL@@ Project Coordinator
Platforms: requires X11 installed
Copying-policy: GPL
# doc/ -*- Makefile -*-
# $Id:,v 1.19 2004/09/08 17:22:35 root Exp $
srcdir = @srcdir@
......@@ -12,36 +11,22 @@ thisdir = doc
first_rule: all
DIST_ETC = etc/rxvt.termcap etc/rxvt.terminfo etc/
DIST_POD = rxvt.1.pod rxvt.7.pod
DIST_MENU = menu/menu menu/ menu/ menu/rxvt.zh-menu\
menu/ menu/
changes.txt xterm.seq \ rxvt.1.html rxvt.7.html rxvt.1.txt rxvt.7.txt
-e 's%@@RXVT_LSMDATE@@%$(LSMDATE)%g;'\
-e 's%@@RXVT_NAME@@%$(RXVTNAME)%g;'\
-e 's%@@RXVT_DATE@@%$(DATE)%g;'\
-e 's%@@RXVT_MAINT@@%$(MAINT)%g;'\
-e 's%@@RXVT_WEBPAGE@@%$(WEBPAGE)%g;'\
-e 's%@@RXVT_DATE@@%$(DATE)%g;'
%.tbl: %.pod
./podtbl <$< >$@ %.1.tbl
pod2man -n rxvt -r"$(VERSION)" -qnone -s1 -c "RXVT-UNICODE" <$< >$@
pod2man -n rxvt -r"$(VERSION)" -q\" -s1 -c "RXVT-UNICODE" <$< >$@ %.7.tbl
pod2man -n rxvt -r"$(VERSION)" -qnone -s7 -c "RXVT-UNICODE" <$< >$@
pod2man -n rxvt -r"$(VERSION)" -q\" -s7 -c "RXVT-UNICODE" <$< >$@
%.html: %.tbl
$(SED) $(SEDREPLACE) <$< | pod2html >$@
......@@ -57,10 +42,8 @@ SEDREPLACE = -e 's%@@RXVT_VERSION@@%$(VERSION)%g;'\
tags allbin:
alldoc: $(basedir)/$(VERNAME).lsm rxvt.1.html rxvt.7.html rxvt.1.txt rxvt.7.txt ../README.configure ../README.FAQ
$(basedir)/$(VERNAME).lsm: $(srcdir)/../autoconf/
$(SED) $(SEDREPLACE) < $(srcdir)/ > $@
alldoc: rxvt.1.html rxvt.7.html rxvt.1.txt rxvt.7.txt ../README.configure ../README.FAQ
infocmp -C rxvt-unicode >etc/rxvt-unicode.termcap
$(RMF) *~
# sample script to illustrate the -embed option
# embed a rxvt inside another X app
# see also pty-fd
# doesn't handle sigchld
use Gtk2;
init Gtk2;
my $window = new Gtk2::Window 'toplevel';
my $frame = new Gtk2::Frame "embedded rxvt-unicode terminal";
$window->add ($frame);
my $rxvt = new Gtk2::Socket;
$frame->add ($rxvt);
$frame->set_size_request (700, 400);
my $xid = $rxvt->window->get_xid;
system "rxvt -embed $xid &";
main Gtk2;
# sample script to illustrate the -embed option
# using Tk
# resizes do not work yet.
use Tk;
my $mw = new MainWindow;
my $frame = $mw->Frame (width => 700, height => 400, container => 1)
->pack (fill => "both", expand => 1);
system "rxvt -embed " . ($frame->id) . " &";
! Put this into ~/.Xdefaults, or to app-defaults/XTerm or wherever
! xrm will loaded it.
! This will match the key sequences for a regular xterm to those used
! by rxvt and the enclosed termcap and terminfo files.
! As usual, the most annoying xterm keys are Home/End and the ubiquitous
! BackSpace/Delete confusion.
XTerm*vt100.translations: #override \
<Key>BackSpace: string("\010") \n\
Shift<Key>Tab: string("\033[Z") \n\
Ctrl<Key>minus: string("\037") \n\
<Key>Home: string("\033[1~") \n\
<Key>End: string("\033[4~") \n\
<Key>Delete: string("\033[3~") \n\
Shift<Key>Delete: string("\177") \n\
Ctrl<Key>Delete: string("\010") \n\
Alt<Key>Return: string("\033\015") \n\
Alt<Key>space: string("\033\040") \n\
Alt<Key>a: string("\033a") \n\
Alt<Key>b: string("\033b") \n\
Alt<Key>c: string("\033c") \n\
Alt<Key>d: string("\033d") \n\
Alt<Key>e: string("\033e") \n\
Alt<Key>f: string("\033f") \n\
Alt<Key>g: string("\033g") \n\
Alt<Key>h: string("\033h") \n\
Alt<Key>i: string("\033i") \n\
Alt<Key>j: string("\033j") \n\
Alt<Key>k: string("\033k") \n\
Alt<Key>l: string("\033l") \n\
Alt<Key>m: string("\033m") \n\
Alt<Key>n: string("\033n") \n\
Alt<Key>o: string("\033o") \n\
Alt<Key>p: string("\033p") \n\
Alt<Key>q: string("\033q") \n\
Alt<Key>r: string("\033r") \n\
Alt<Key>s: string("\033s") \n\
Alt<Key>t: string("\033t") \n\
Alt<Key>u: string("\033u") \n\
Alt<Key>v: string("\033v") \n\
Alt<Key>w: string("\033w") \n\
Alt<Key>x: string("\033x") \n\
Alt<Key>y: string("\033y") \n\
Alt<Key>z: string("\033z") \n\
Ctrl<Key>Up: string("\033Oa") \n\
Ctrl<Key>Down: string("\033Ob") \n\
Ctrl<Key>Right: string("\033Oc") \n\
Ctrl<Key>Left: string("\033Od") \n\
Shift<Key>Up: string("\033[a") \n\
Shift<Key>Down: string("\033[b") \n\
Shift<Key>Right: string("\033[c") \n\
Shift<Key>Left: string("\033[d") \n
# ~/.rclock - My appointment file
# startup functions
; xsetroot -solid Black &
# daily functions
9:00; xsetroot -solid Black &
17:30; xsetroot -solid Red &
# daily/weekly reminders
09:30 mtwrf * Good Morning!\nRead News?; rxvt -e News
13:30 mtwrf * Lunch Time
17:30 mtwrf * Home Time
15:00 f * Do timesheet
*:00 us * It's the weekend, why are you here?
9:30 f */13/* Friday the 13th, be careful!
# annual reminders
16:00 12/24/* Vale's Birthday (next week)
16:00 12/27/* Vale's Birthday (in four days)
# one-off reminders
08:30 03/15/2004 Dentist appointment
# Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/terminfo/r/rxvt-unicode
# (untranslatable capabilities removed to fit entry within 1023 bytes)
rxvt-unicode|rxvt-unicode terminal (X Window System):\