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    Summary of Changes(1.72 -> 1.73) · c3c6c0f5
    ggtakec@gmail.com authored
    List of Changes
    1) Added ahbe_conf option - r465
      - Added ahbe_conf option means the configuration file path, and
        this file specifies additional HTTP header by file(object)
        extension.( Issue 292 )
      - Added sample configuration file in test directory for ahbe_conf
    2) Changed mount point permission - r465
      - Not allow group/other permission for mount point when s3fs runs
        without allow_other.
      - Allow permission to all user for mount point when specified
        allow_other option.
    3) Fixed bugs - r465, r466, r467, r468, r470, r471
      - Changed a code which s3fs returns error as soon as possible
        when user tries to change mount point.( Issue 229 )
      - Fixed mis-format for debugging print.
      - Changed request type to "virtual hosted-style" for checking
        bucket when s3fs is starting.( Issue 362 )
      - Fixed bug issue(bug), when s3fs retry a request at something
        error occurred, s3fs is wrong usage curl handle and fails
        retrying request.( Issue 343 )
      - Fixed mis-coding about fonction prototype.( Issue 360/Issue 361 )
      - Fixed a bug about umask.( Issue 321 )
      - Fixed a bug which s3fs exit though specified correct 
        $HOME/.passwd-s3fs.( Issue 365 )
      - Fixed a bug which deleting stat cache information is bad
        posission in s3fs_release function.( Issue 363 )
    4) Added sample script - 472, r473
      - Added sample_delcache.sh in test directory for deleting
        cahce files.
    5) Added debugging messages - r467, r474
      - Changed debugging level for prepare_url function.
      - Specified f2 option, s3s_getattr puts detail for file attar.
      - Added new option as curldbg for curl http(s) debugging.
    git-svn-id: http://s3fs.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@475 df820570-a93a-0410-bd06-b72b767a4274