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List of files that the sn package uses.  Filenames here are relative

File         Type         Read by   Written by   Description
----         ----         -------   ----------   -----------
/G/.compress ?plain text  snstore   you          Whether compression
                                                 should be applied
                                                 to this group,
                                                 and for article
                                                 bodies of what size.
/G/.times    !bin array   snntpd    snstore/     For NEWNEWS,
                                    times_*()    snexpire.
/G/.outgoing ?symlink/dir snpost,   snntpd/      If dir, contains
             or file      snntpd    do_post()    articles to be sent
                                                 upstream.  Else is
                                                 script or program,
                                                 run to dispatch POSTed
/G/.expire   ?plain text  snexpire  you          (optional) Contains
                                                 max age.
/G/.serial   !plain text  snget     snget        Next serial for
                                                 G's server.
             +plain text  snget,    snfetch      If snfetch exits ok,
                          sngetd                 snget renames this to
/G/.max      ?plain text  snfetch,  you          Max. number of
                          snget,                 articles that can
                          sngetd                 be fetched at a time.
/G/.nopost   ?empty       snstore   you          Deny posting to
                                                 this group
/G/.created  empty        snntpd    snnewgroup   Creation time.
/G/.info     ?plain text  snntpd    you          Description of group
/.nopost     ?empty       snstore,  you          Disallows sitewide
                          snntpd                 posting.
/.table      !struct      dh_*()    allo_*()     Hash chain index
/.chain      !binary      dh_*()    allo_*()     Hash chains and
                                                 message IDs. Like
                                                 dbm's .pag and .dir
/.newsgroup  !plain text  dh_*()    ng_*()       Each line is a
                                                 group name
                                                 and group ident.
/.control    ?file        snntpd    you          Program or script
                                                 to handle control
                                                 messages POSTed.
/.outgoing   dir                    snnewgroup   Contains the
                                                 linked-to spool
                                                 dirs of individual
             dir          snpost    snnewgroup   Symlinked from
                                                 spooling directory
                                                 for this server.
             ?+plain text snpost    snntpd       Outgoing articles.
             ?+plain text           you/cron     Files containing
                                                 arbitrary commands
                                                 for this server.
/.me         ?plain text  snntpd,   you          What the system's
                          snstore,               name is.  Otherwise,
                          snscan,sncat           looks it up.

All paths are relative to SNROOT, the spool directory.
/G/ represents a newsgroup directory.
For Type:
  ? is optional;
  + is transitory;
  ! is created if it doesn't exist;
  otherwise, is required.
If /G/.outgoing is a (symlink to a) directory, implies G is a global
newsgroup, and articles posted to it are saved in this directory
before being sent upstream.
If /G/.outgoing is a (symlink to a) regular file, implies G is a
private newsgroup, and posting to it invokes "sh G/.outgoing" and
the article is NOT entered into the news spool.
If /G/.outgoing does not exist, implies G is a local newsgroup,
and all posts to it are entered into the spool immediately.
All metadata (everything but the articles) file names begin with a dot.

/.nopost is meant to disable entry of all articles into the spool,
perhaps because the spool is under reconstruction.
/G/.nopost is meant to disallow the NNTP POST command for that