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As SVG++ is a header-only library, no installation is required. Just add path to 'include' subfolder to your project include dirs.
Boost includes should also be avaiable.

'src' folder contains tests, demos and samples. To build them you need:
	1. Get CMake installed ( 
	2. Run 'cmake -G  <generator-name> -D BOOST_ROOT=<path to Boost root> <path to svgpp/src>' from folder that will contain
	build files.
	<generator-name> may be "Unix Makefiles" for GCC, Clang etc and "Visual Studio 12" for Visual Studio 2013. See CMake reference for 
	details about generators.
	3a. For make-based build run 'make'
	3b. For Visual Studio build open created .sln file and build solution.